Customize your laundry with Crescent.

Crescent’s customized outsource services are nearly impossible to beat; we can replace your in-house laundry and save you money.  Let us show you how.

When you outsource to Crescent, you eliminate in-house laundry costs, including utilities, labor, benefits, worker compensation, space, equipment, supply and maintenance.  Your clean linens are delivered to your door.

Crescent’s Customized package of services includes:

  • Complete healthcare linen laundering services – from patient linens to surgical gowns
  • Ancillary departmental/campus deliveries
  • Usage trend statistical analyses
  • Custom pickup/delivery schedules
  • Product evaluations – pre-purchase textile quality testing
  • Inventory and usage consultations – benchmarking and policy guidelines development
  • In-service hospital personnel training – multiple video series available
  • Inventory management reporting – inventory processing assistance
  • Usage trend statistical analyses
  • Plant tours  to satisfy compliance requirements established by your Infection Control Committee

Get a “Crescent Clean” customized plan developed for you.

A program for your facility begins with a phone call or email.

2422 Rockingham Road  Davenport, Iowa 52802  (563) 326-3858

A program for your facility begins with a phone call or email.