Our Facility

Crescent is efficient.

We implement the best industry and technological efficiencies to provide you with the
finest service and value.

Please click here to tour our facility at 2422 Rockingham Road in Davenport, Iowa
You’ll see our people, our process and our equipment.
And you’ll start to understand what Crescent Clean is really all about.


Crescent is affiliated.

The following entities are dedicated to growth, education and quality techniques.
They assist us in complying with the laundry industry's toughest standards.

We are members in good standing of:


Textile Rental Services Association




Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program
 (LaundryESP sm)






International Association of Healthcare Textile Managers



Association for Linen Management

Crescent Laundry also supports the efforts of:

American Reusable Textile Association (ARTA)

Please feel free to use links to these industry associations to learn more
about the healthcare laundry business.

With our efficient facility, our skilled employees and our industry affiliations,
we insure that your linens are always Crescent Clean.